Beamish Pest Control

Do you have a pest problem in your home? We understand that pests in the home can be a cause of great anxiety, but don't worry, we offer a 24 hour, discreet service to rid your home of rats, pet fleas, cockroaches and other infestations. We are also fully trained in the responsible use of pesticides, especially important for your home. Call now for a FREE quote. 

Beamish Pest Control

All commercial premises that serve food and drinks need to have a pest prevention plan in place. We provide safe and effective programs to pubs, restaurants, cafe, fast food and industrial properties to prevent exposure and contamination. Our discreet service will ensure your customers feel at ease. Call now to find out more about our bespoke packages. 

Beamish Pest Control

We have several years experience in equestrian and small holding pest management. Pests become a significant problem during the winter months when horses are fed and watered in-doors. We will clear any current infestations in a safe and responsible way and also put programs in place for pest prevention.